2012 #London #Olympic Inspired #Wedding Entertainment

2012 #London #Olympic Inspired #Wedding Entertainment

As with people all around the world my eyes were glued to the television during the 2012 London Summer Olympic Games. Oddly enough, after watching the various games, with Team USA bringing in so many gold medals, I realized many of the sports that are played can be easily transitioned into great pre or day-of wedding games. So in honor of the XXX Olympiads, I’ve invented some Olympian inspired wedding entertainment ideas!

XXX Olympics London 2012 Opening Ceremony Fireworks

• Many of the games showcased during the summer games were played on a field. So organize an event for family members and close friends to meet prior to the wedding day like an outdoor field day, especially if you need a fun icebreaker. This is a great way for people to mingle, let loose, and have a good time while getting to know each other. Play easy and lighthearted games like a tug-of-war, obstacles course, three-legged race, water balloon toss, and even a hula hoop or watermelon eating contest. This is sure to be a hit and help create or strengthen the bond between your families!

Olypmic 2012 Opening Ceremony

• Watching those male gymnasts performing routines on the steady rings looked painful and really, really hard, but you can settle for something much simpler like a ring toss in a grassy courtyard or sandy beach. Rhythmic gymnastics and the synchronized tossing of balls may not be your cup of tea, but a leisurely game of bocce ball may be the perfect fit.

• I nearly cried when I saw the USA women’s beach volleyball team win gold, particularly because the matches were amazing, so spike your own ace with a volleyball game as another pre-wedding day event.

• If your wedding includes an outdoor courtyard or afternoon tea, setup games of badminton, table tennis, or even ultimate frisbee for guests to play during cocktail hour or a short reprieve from the reception.


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