3 Tips to the Perfect Wedding Dress

3 Tips to the Perfect Wedding Dress

By now you’ve probably read through tons of bridal magazines and seen over 100 episodes of “Say Yes to the Dress,” now you’re an expert on wedding dresses. However, here are a few things to think about:

• Shopping for your wedding dress with your close friends and family should be a part of the fun and joy of the wedding planning process, so it might be nice to wait for them until you begin. However, if you have time, it definitely doesn’t hurt to start looking at styles and designs so you know exactly what you’re looking for when you begin shopping.

• Styles for Fall and Winter weddings generally come out in April of each year, whereas styles for Spring and Summer generally come out in October, so if you want to keep with the season and style, then waiting until the appropriate time may be the right choice.

• On the flip side, sometimes wedding salons have amazing sales that can’t be passed up. One of my brides found out about a salon in Beverly Hills that was going out of business and had the type of designers and dresses she was looking for. She managed to purchase three different dresses she loved for the budget she was going to spend on one!


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