5 Questions for Darlington House in La Jolla

5 Questions for Darlington House in La Jolla

The Abbey staff answers the Top 5 questions for the Darlington House in La Jolla, a preferred venue of The Abbey Catering. If you’re considering having a wedding at the darlington house you may be asking yourself these questions.

Top 5 Questions When Having a Wedding at the Darlington House

1: How many guests can fit in the outdoor upper brick patio?

A:  The Darlington House can accommodate up to 180 guests including a dance floor in the outdoor courtyard.

2: Can I get married there?

A: Yes, Darlington House has a water fountain and small pool that is perfect as a ceremony site.  You can fit up to 120 seated, and there are many areas around the perimeter where the gentleman can stand if necessary.

3: Can I bring my own alcohol?

A: Certainly, you’ll need to get bartenders through your selected catering company and see what each of them can offer.  You can also bring your own alcohol to Darlington House and have your caterer serve them for you.

4: What can The Abbey Catering provide you by choosing the Darlington House?

A: Abbey All-Inclusive clients will have their proposals discounted by $1,000 for selecting this Abbey preferred venue.

5: Are tables and chairs included at Darlington House?

A: Darlington House does not include any tables or chairs for your ceremony or reception.  Although, through The Abbey Catering, we can pass along our wholesale rates for equipment rental to provide the best value.

One of many venues to choose from but what a perfect place to hold a ceremony in front of  a beautiful fountain and pond clicking ahead  gets you one step closer to picking the place you want….


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