5 #Tips to #Backyard #Wedding Elegance

5 #Tips to #Backyard #Wedding Elegance

One of the fastest growing trends in weddings these days is taking advantage of a private home to execute your ceremony & reception. Forget the lavish opulence & over the top Kardashian stance on wedding planning, your back yard wedding can be comprised of many simple elements that create an elegant and sophisticated evening without breaking the bank on décor.

First of all when selecting a venue that is a private home, you need to analyze how realistic it is to create your event there.  Here are some of the top things to consider:

1. What is it going to take to create your menu.
A good caterer will come to the property to ensure your expectations are met, address possible menus and ask for suggestions. Certain items hold better, prepared in a conventional, versus a remotely created kitchen. There may be some factors that increase quality with certain menu items. Take their suggestions and be flexible; but take note, a qualified caterer can create a remote kitchen that can pretty much execute any menu. You have to be aware of possible issues that may arise with a remote kitchen regarding your menu and if any additional kitchen equipment needs to be ordered on your behalf. This is assuming the property does not have an ample kitchen to execute your order based on your guest count, if it does, skip to #2.

2. Power.
You really want to  make sure that you have ample independent circuts to accommodate the following: kitchen, décor lighting & entertainment (an amplified live band will take quite a bit of power). Consult your caterer here as well and discuss with the homeowners what they have done in the past.

3. What are the facilities like based on your guest count?
A good rule of thumb is to have 1 bathroom per 50 guests or more. If there are not ample on-site services, you can always bring in executive washrooms (which are really nice porto-potties) but consider your ladies in their dresses. This has to be the right feel for you and for your crowd. Also consider this may add up quickly with rentals ranging from $1500 to $3000, easily.

4. Your guest count vs the reception space.
Is there room for everybody with a dance floor. This is the type of consideration that I would highly recommend bringing your caterer or rentals specialist on board to determine. Having your caterer there will kill two birds with one stone as they can access the space for rentals an discuss #1. It is essential to have a vision for your rentals. Do you want banquet style tables or rounds? Both fit differently , offer different seating accommodations, and effect everything from centerpieces to linen choices. Think of your full vision before you make a decision. You don’t need all of the details hammered out but it’s good to know that a standard 60” round table can run you $15 and that wooden banquet table can run several hundred for one.

5. Décor.
This part is the most fun. Let me just share with you some of the great ideas I’ve seen executed in the past that have worked really well.

a. Chivarri Chairs
I love the look of Chivarri Chairs in a back yard setting. Carved wood and and color coordinated pad, these are an easy way to dress the “room.” They cost a bit more so factor them into the budget. They are about $10 per chair but there are alternative options starting just over $2 per.

b. Market Lighting
Everybody wants to be married under the stars; market, ping-pong, or holiday lights are a great way to bring the stars to you and they have the benefit of adding light to the reception area.

c. Antiques
I’ve created tablescapes with vintage cameras & books. Also a myriad of colored glass like cobalt which can be mixed with your floral and candles to create a very dramatic affect.

d. Hanging Lanterns
When using candles, always be mindful of wind. I love using lanterns which can be placed on the ground, hung from trees or Shepard hooks with the possibility of incorporating them into the tablescapes. Alternatively, use flame-less candles to alleviate any wind concerns.

I’ve had many requests lately for ideas and it’s been a long time coming be assured there will be more inside information in the future. To request a consultation, do not hesitate to email or call- and please feel free to suggest other ideas for future blogs.

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