A beautiful waterfront ceremony in sunny Coronado.

A beautiful waterfront ceremony in sunny Coronado.

Coronado Community Center

The Spacious Nautilus Room

Breathtaking view from the Patio.

What a treat is was to be a part of Kathryn

& Ryan’s day. It was truly sweet

perfection. The sun broke just in time to

shine down on our lovely couple. Guests

enjoyed the Abbey’s finest appetizers

before being ushered in to the Nautilus

Room at Coronado Community Center.

A grand entrance and first dance were

delightfully framed by a view of the

city’s skyline and harbor. Dinner service,

executed to perfection by Chef Matt,

ensured a happy crowd. It was a great

time, good friends and family honoring

a  sweet couple . Kathryn & Ryan–best

wishes on a long life filled with love.

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