A few tips on area separation and layouts for your special event

A few tips on area separation and layouts for your special event

Not separating your venue correctly can easily lead to a disastrous party faux pas. When planning your special day, you may want different areas set aside in a single room. We at the Abbey Catering  had hosted such an event . For this instance our client had a James Bond  Casino Royal theme. We had gaming tables, a dance floor, buffet, projectors playing the movie, and conversation room all in the same area, and here is how we did it!

The Lighting: This is a very important facet of any event. To light up a section of a venue or, just as importantly, not lite an area can break up a venue into sections. To use the Casino night as an example, we kept the gaming area bright and the dance floor dark. This partitioned them from a huge ball room into 2 smaller areas. We also made the Cuvier Club’s north and south atrium’s into a small intimate dinning area and a buffet area by using rich contrasting light (which happened to be our clients secondary company color). Playing with different shades of color can make a huge difference in separating your venue.

The Flow: Now this is a difficult one to master. You need to anticipate where your guests are going to go through out the evening. Starting from cocktail hour to the grand exit. Placing tables and furniture and chairs around a dance floor keeps people around the dance floor but not talking on top of it. Or placing some lounge furniture around a room promotes congregation in the main area in a causal environment.

The Details: To tie all of the venue together thematically is truly an art form. Cordoning off sections of your venue can undo a theme your heart desires. We at The Abbey Catering hooked up two projectors and displayed the James Bond film “Casino Royal”  and placed played it over the dance floor. Through decor  lighting and shared set pieces you can tie everything together but still maintain different atmospheres with in the venue!

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