A few tips on winter #Weddings

A few tips on winter #Weddings

Every aspect of wedding planning is important.  But what good is it if you are not completely prepared?  For those of you looking to have a wedding in the rainy or cold months you should always turn to you wedding planner for their guidance and knowledge, especially when there is bad weather forecasted.  I had a wedding over the weekend at the La Jolla Cove Bridge Club that was stunning.  It did however take a little finessing with the elements for the week.  I had mentioned to my bride when we first had our meeting to consider a couple of things.

·         To have a backup plan in case of rain since she was getting married in the rainier months of the year:

·         To consider having a tent on standby in case of rain

·         To have space heaters to keep the guests warm since cold weather is likely during the season

Fortunately my couple and I had a backup plan for moments such as this. The day of the wedding did up end up very cold with a lot of rain.  Thanks to our back up plan the guests where protected from the elements.  The tent was the saving grace for the most beautiful wedding.  A tent also adds elegance to any event, especially with Italian string lights.  We had planned for the case of rain and the tent and heaters were accounted in to the budget so there was no surprises and no stress, a recipe for a great day!

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