A Fresh Look at #Ceremony #Design

A Fresh Look at #Ceremony #Design

Whether your ceremony is anywhere, at a church, inside a ballroom, or an outdoor garden, skip the typical and traditional aisle-down-the-middle setup and consider alternative arrangements that highlight the ceremony space and make your guests feel more at home. Here are some suggestions that may help your ceremony stand out and entice your guests:

• Easy, breezy, and beachy: Instead of chairs, set out large beach blankets or quilts on the sand for guests to sit on and take in the beauty of your beach ceremony and surroundings.

• Out on the ranch: If your ceremony is around a farmhouse or ranch, consider going with the tone of the venue, of rustic nature itself, and use bales of hay covered with quilts or wooden picnic benches.

• Rustic-chic: Vintage and rustic weddings bring forth an essence of primal beauty that is beyond the description of modern time, so consider using a mix of couches and chairs to create an intimate living room vibe.

• Classy and modern: For couples looking for a mix of the traditional and modern, use a combination of Chiavari chairs with white lounge furniture to present an aesthetic wonder, a gift to all that behold the sight, a gift to all your guests and yourself.

• Circle versus a square: Another alternative to the typical bride-side and groom-side chair setting is to make other formation, like a circular setup with the bride and groom in the center.


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