A Healthy Bride is an Organized Bride

A Healthy Bride is an Organized Bride

As the months turn into weeks and the weeks turn into days, the time remaining before a bride gets married shrinks at an exponential rate as the big day arrives.  There is always something on the “To Do” list that has to take priority.  Usually as things get pushed down the list, exercise gets pushed down the furthest at times.  Which in a way can makes things worse.  The Abbey Blog has been focusing for weeks now on things a bride to be can do to keep up a healthy fitness program on the road to her nuptials.  In those posts we have been focusing on different exercises, diets and regimes that will help you prepare.  But one thing that can get overlooked in regards fitness is Time Management.  Time Management can be crucial to the success or failure of any fitness program.  If enough time is not set aside for the program, it will fail.  But just setting aside time to exercise doesn’t equal success.  Proper time, the right time or quality time is critical.  A completely stressed out, hurried routine will not have the same benefit that a relaxed, enjoyed workout can provide.  In addition to that, the cool down time is not as effective because filled with worries of what needs to get done next.  And don’t even get me started with what stressed out sleep is like.

So having a good Time Management system in place can do wonders for your fitness program in helping you get the best out of what you do when you exercise.  Almost without exception, brides today are organized.  From Day Planners, to Google Calendars, to Smartphones…today’s women are organized.  But even with all those productivity apps on your phone, the amount to get done exceeds the time available.  That is where The Abbey comes in to help.  Not only will our consultants years of experience help, but those years of experience come with years of contacts and connections.  The San Diego wedding industry is massive and navigating it can be quite tricky.  We have a wide selection of vendors that we are proud to work with.  We are on a number of Venue’s Preferred Caterer Lists and are partners with The La Jolla Woman’s Club in beautiful historic La Jolla, California.  Another time saver and stress reducer…All Inclusive Wedding Packages.  The Abbey Catering & Event Design is the only San Diego company to offer a true All Inclusive Wedding Package.  With an Abbey Package, everything is covered.  The venue, food, beverages, photographer, videographer, flowers, music, coordination, officiant, limo….even the honeymoon at our luxury condo in Maui if desired.  We can make all the stress of meeting with dozens of people disappear.  And having a single source of contact can create a wealth of time for the more important things leading up to your wedding, like a fitness program.

Please feel free to contact any one of our wedding and event consultants here for more information.

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