To Wed or not to Wed, that is the Question.

To Wed or not to Wed, that is the Question.

Whether tis nobler in the mind to serenade,
in the ceremony and matriomony of family,
or to braisen oneself against a sea of tradition.

 For when it comes to weddings there are choices to be made.  Most choose to take their lover’s hand down the isle through a floral wonderland. The venue can change in general; but as you can see, the beauty of the Cuvier Club to the left brings nature’s select beauty into a wedding.  The manners of a traditional wedding are usually the same, there is a lavish party planned for months with each detail in perfect harmony, every bit hanging on that perfect moment; until that time when the unity of two lives becomes one–within the surroundings of family and friends, amidst a world of fantastical décor and alive with spiritual sublimity.

There is always another road you can go down and that is toward the city of lights, which can tempt any soul into its seductive and lavish lifestyle; but only as a brief and bright flame. Some do choose to enter the concrete wilderness and wed at whim. They can do so within the company of a resurrected Elvis singing sweet songs of holy matrimony or with strung cans jingling as they coast past a drive through reception; quickly buying themselves a happy meal wedding. For some, this spur of the moment gamble feels genuine in their hearts and with the excitement of a Las Vegas strip some could see why.

            Each has their own way and their own path they must take down the isle and life. Both innately bring their own sense of beauty or excitement into the world and each aim to deliver the most amazing time that individual could have. So do you drive through the city of lights or trail down an isle of roses?

So we Ask, Should a Wedding be a Short and Sweet Slice of Serendipity or the Grand and Gorgeous Chorus of  Tradition?

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