A Sneak Peak Review of the #LaJolla #Coastal #Hotels

A Sneak Peak Review of the #LaJolla #Coastal #Hotels

La Jolla California is known for some of the nicest beaches the west coast has to offer. With reefs that shine through the water and dramatic landscapes featuring cliffs and coves you truly feel like you are on another planet.  Events that are held around the shores of La Jolla far surpass any other city in the San Diego area.  If you have a hosting or are invited to a special event in La Jolla I highly recommended you take full advantage of it.


With that said, what I would do is find a hotel room for the night.  Since the majority of events and beach weddings San Diego CA, are held over the weekend you might as well make a mini vacation out of it.  The benefits of this are endless.  You can surprise your own loved one with a hotel stay, you avoid drinking and driving and the next day you wake up you are right next to the beach!


There are some great hotels and deals that you can score when looking for the right place to stay.  Here are some absolutely wonderful places that I have recently visited and recommend you visit as well.


La Valencia: Yes.  It’s the huge pink hotel.  It has great food, ocean views, and an unique architecture. It’s relaxing and heart-stoppingly romantic.


La Jolla Cove Suites: Boom! There’s the cove and an ocean breezing blowing through the window.  There’s a spacious rooftop to watch the sunset where you can you can see the coast but you simply must enjoy the coastline in person.


La Jolla Shores Hotel: Each window is a vista with beautiful views and if you’re a fan of golfing I strongly recommend this multifaceted abode for their partnership with San Diego Golf Reservations!


La Jolla Inn:  This boutique hotel is right off the strip.  It hosts an exquisite sundeck, where loitering is appreciated. Not to mention all that’s necessary to fill your appetite, just glance out your window and you have the opportunity to pick from a plethora of places for a fine evening of dining.


Hotel Parisi: Wow! Luxuriy is written all over this place.  The suites are amazing and it is located down center in the homey and warm heart of La Jolla.


Scripps Inn: Intimate and hidden away from the strip.  I recommend this beautiful scenic vacation location to all romantics out there!


There are so many stylish and chic hotels tucked away in La Jolla. There is so much to do in this town that passing up this opportunity would be a loss.  Take advantage of any one of these beautiful La Jolla hotels and you won’t regret your stay!


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