A Vacation Wedding

A Vacation Wedding

With a  theme based on  “going on a great

vacation”, the decorations  kept the 200

plus guests on their toes with games all

night long! Miniature suitcases, seashells,

and world destinations were used in a

variety of ways; not only for decorations,

but for guests to fill up their wedding

invitations, disguised as passports. What

better place to have a vacation wedding

than the island of Coronado! Beautiful

white linens swayed with the ocean breeze

and were accompanied with perfect vases

of golden sunflowers!! This wedding was a

sure fire hit  to send off a gorgeous new

couple on their travels through life!!

Bon Voyage you two.


Petr Trebin

And for more info about the Glorious  Coronado Community Center Nautilus Room, contact us here.

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