Angela & Trevor: A #Disney theme #Wedding!

Angela & Trevor: A #Disney theme #Wedding!

There are few things better than celebrating your wedding with a  theme that ties into how the two of you met.  We hosted a wedding over the weekend that had such a theme.  Our happy couple met each other in Disneyland and fell in love, so they decided they decided to have a wedding themed around their Disneyland experience.  Theme weddings built around personal milestones of your lives together or experience you have shared are wonderful because your special day  becomes infinitely more unique and personal.

With any theme wedding you should always be careful to do it tastefully and not go overboard.  Angela and Trevor found the perfect mix. Never go overboard with the decor to be all theme like.  It should be a blend of the theme decor and a mixture of colors and flowers, having too much can make your event seem like a child’s party. Subtle hints everywhere hidden in the decor that you can bring to the attention of your guests for a fun surprise.

 The Abbey Catering and Event Design were lucky enough to help be apart of their planning allowing us to facilitate any needs. The couple did an amazing job telling the story of their meeting with each center piece and the decor. If you ever need some help ask your coordinator for suggestions, we have many ideas and ways to help you and guide you.


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