The Art is Alive with a Myriad of Flowers and a Menagerie of Martini Mixers

The Art is Alive with a Myriad of Flowers and a Menagerie of Martini Mixers

50,000 flowers from the best floral design teams dangled in every possible position as wonderful bouquets and artistic arrangements along the walls and halls of Baloboa Park’s Museum of Art. 

Where to my delight the beautiful aroma of flowers wafted through the air welcoming me as I entered this scene of fantastic art and floral display. Many mingling and merrily refreshed onlookers wandered amidst surroundings which emanated an ambiance of an enchanted garden. It was In that moment I could feel this was an event put together with style, class and soul. Chilled martini glasses hung as forbidden fruit among orange and ruby roses which transitioned nature and play in a heavenly style, as if they were apples asking to be picked and savored.

As I turned from the menagerie and martini tree toward other delectables I was enticed to find the flavor of the artists and the flavor of the fine dining were in perfect harmony. Each taste from my avant-garde mashed potato martini possessed and mused with the visual taste of the décor and design. While each sip of my classic martini fulfilled my desire while I pondered the magic involved and thirsted for more time among this spellbinding Walk through the Arts. Unknowingly I came to the San Diego Museum of the Arts with an fantastical hunger and left full of wonder, filled in spirit, and rich in taste.

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