Au Bon Abbey, the Abbey’s Fine Dining Division, throws a private party.

Au Bon Abbey, the Abbey’s Fine Dining Division, throws a private party.

What an amazing event we had this past weekend. As part of  The Abbey Catering Fine Dining  Division,  Au Bon Abbey serves

Southern California with highly refined dining and event design services for only the most discriminating of palettes.

Chocolate fountains with homemade dipping desserts, Filet Mignon chipotle pesto kabobs, pear potatoes stuffed with bacon

and Parmesan cheese,  chicken roulades, and of course some jumbo cilantro honey shrimp were the delectable delights that

were on hand for this party.  The food received great reviews along with all of our professional staff that were on site.  The

event took place in a spectacular residence. The kitchen was amazing, the bar was phenomenal, and the people were

overjoyed with their evening of fun.  Despite being a smaller, more intimate “appetizer party”, it  was complete smash hit.

I am so thrilled that I had the opportunity to work with such a wonderful client in their  lovely home.    It is great to be able

to provide such high quality service to clients who expect every little detail to be accounted for meticulously.  It is parties

like these that remind me just how great it is to be  a professional chef in San Diego.  Thank you for calling on Au Bon Abbey

to help make that night…one for the ages.

Chef Matt

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