Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower

Everything was perfect for this amazing union

As the changing of the seasons take place all over the world, San Diego’s weather has one ultimate climate, which is perfect for year-round weddings. This fall themed wedding had a hint of Autumn with fabulous flowers that were rich with golds, oranges and deep reds. The centerpieces as nests, with love birds with eggs, resembled fertility and the dependence of one another on each other for eternity. The ceremony was held at the Darlington House, and it was a true transformation from a design perspective, with the false reality of being out of season, and out of the state.

The pathway was lit with the colors of Fall

The menu was made to warm up the guests with a delightful oven fresh Abbey Appetizer, and the traditional Abbey Catering menu was livened up with a new twist; a chorizo and cheese petite quesadilla topped with salsa fresco and guacamole, with a dab of chili pepper sauce to garnish. Abbey staff then made the rounds with an assortment of hummus, bright in color and rich in taste, served on a slice of pita. The pesto green to garlic yellow and sun dried tomato red created a tasty Fall rainbow. My favorite Abbey Appetizer, the  mini filet Wellington, was also served up to the hungry guests. A savory beef stew-marinated filet, with puff pastry covering this delicious treat, was topped off with a horseradish aioli – perfect for the Fall theme.

Immediately after the grand entrance, the guests took their seats and the sweet and healthy Abbey Salad was served. Made with freshly tossed garden greens, the dish was sprinkled with crumbled feta, accompanied with toasted walnuts and dried cranberries and finished with a raspberry vinaigrette. A tasteful selection of  The Abbey’s fine menu was prepared for our guests. Salmon encroute, a fresh farmed salmon with grilled spinach and light feta inside puff pastry,  was served with grilled greens and truffle mashed potatoes. A second choice of beef filet mignon with Chef  Matt’s special rub, was cooked just right and covered with a rich and creamy mouthwatering gravy. Bottles were popped and toasts made after the families celebrated a healthy new beginning with a wholesome meal.

This evening was lit just like a Broadway show,  the dancefloor was the late night center of attention thanks to the DJ. The beautiful cake courtesy of Flour Power was a centerpiece of its own, and later the guests enjoyed the  masterpiece and its three flavors, decorated with Autumn florals. The Darlington House is a perfect venue for a  quaint ceremony, and its guests can also have a wonderful evening reception all in one location, with the prestigious La Jolla shores just a few blocks away. Thanks to all the staff and all our vendors to make the Collins wedding a night to remember with The Abbey Catering Event and Design.

The Carriage House is just one of the many features of the Britt Scripps Inn. Contact us here to find out what else this beautiful venue offers.

The Darlington House has so much charm

The beautiful interior was simply breathtaking

The view of the aisle

The details represented the couple's love

The blushing bride

The view from the head table

Peacocks, flowers and colors lined every pathway

Photography provided by professional Julie Buchta Davis.

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