Balboa Park Wedding: Top 3 Places For A Wedding in Balboa Park

Balboa Park Wedding: Top 3 Places For A Wedding in Balboa Park

In a recent Balboa Park wedding, balboa park was honored in celebrating the joining of Brian and Ally. Their event took place in three specially chosen locations throughout the park. The ceremony was located in the Casa del Prado patio. With the high arches and unique architecture this wedding was a beauty from the get go. This awesome event made us want to release a speacial post dedicated to informing you on the top venues to hold a wedding in Balboa Park.

#1 Balboa Park Wedding Venue: San Diego Museum of Arts

The San Diego Museum of Art has both beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces, incredible architecture, and makes for a truly unique and memorable setting for a wedding. Your guests will relish in having the opportunity to see the outstanding art galleries that are the pride of balboa.

The Museum’s architecture also makes for some amazing photos for you and your guests to add to your own collections! The San Diego Museum of Art has a location for every type of event for your wedding in it’s different rooms and open spaces; that will be sure to leave you and your guest breathless!

Best balboa park wedding


#2 Balboa Park Venue: San Diego Natural History Museum

You know those fantastic parties you see in movies where the back ground is a vast multi-layered building that’s visually stunning? Then you will need to check out the San Diego Natural History Museum. Set in picturesque Balboa Park in the heart of San Diego, the History Museum is one of the most sought after spots to host Events in all of San Diego. Why, its has options upon options. Lets start at the top-

  1. El Mirador Rooftop Terrace- it is the only Venue in the park with rooftop access. Have a cocktail hour or ceremony up here and gaze upon the view. From downtown to the bay, your guests will surely be impressed. Plan on 120 guests for a seated event or 200 for a cocktail reception.
  2. 3rd & 4th Floor Galleries- Here you have opportunity to roam some of the current exhibits in a beautiful modern environment. Glass & metal collide with beautiful views of the park. Plan on 120 guests for a seated event or 200 for a cocktail reception.
  3. Fossil Mysteries- So cool, hanging with dinosaurs and this space is a great option for a cocktail party or mixer. Guests can wander with tray passed food or cocktails in this area.
  4. Sefton Atrium. From here you can look all the way to the Roof of this splendid building. Great space for dancing and larger receptions. This space accommodates up to 270 guests for a seated event and 500 for reception theater-style seating. It also has a second story mezzanine that hosts up to 800.
  5. Customize your Event in the Charmaine &  Maurice Kaplan Theater or use one of the many Board Rooms or meetings spaces. The Nat has something for everyone.



#3 Wedding Venue: Museum of Photographic Arts

MOPA has one of the largest photography publication collections in the country and is a one-of-a-kind destination for scholars, researchers and professional photographers. Having a Christmas party at MOPA is a great way to make memories and using San Diego’s finest A-List Catering Company, The Abbey Catering Company to create the layout is the way to go.  We offer nothing but impeccable service, a cheerful attitude, and first class service that will make any holiday party a hit.



Our Recent The Balboa Park Event

Afterward, the guests traveled down a long sidewalk that was bordered by a narrow water feature. The pond was inhabited by greenery, flower, and various forms of wildlife. Cocktail hour was sure to spark smiles, thanks to both the delicious hors d’oeuvres and stunning views. Later that evening guests were escorted to The Museum of Photographic Arts where their night would unfold with music, food, laughter, and joy. You can learn more at this website.

With over a hundred guests to witness, the bride grabbed the microphone and sang her love to her new husband. As all guests stared in awe and you couldn’t help but feel thankful to witness one of the most magnetic chemistry between two individuals.  Congratulations to the newlyweds.

An Unforgettable Balboa Park Wedding

The Abbey Catering & Event Design made the decor of the party really stand out. At the start of the evening as the guests arrived into the courtyard, a breathtaking arrangement of flowers and large fruit display with trays of assorted gourmet cheeses and crackers greeted them. The best of our appetizers were prepared fresh and served hot, each beautifully garnished and plated.

The traditional Abbey appetizers were served; elongated baguette slices with our tri-colored bruschetta, fresh herb hummus, Ahi poke on crisp wontons and delicious coconut shrimp. The next portion of the night was the Abbey Signature salad with dried cranberries and caramelized walnuts, topped with a yummy raspberry vinaigrette.

The Abbey Catering & Event Design would love to help you plan you wedding at this preferred venue or any other one in San Diego. Feel free to contact us for more info about our balboa park wedding arrangements.


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