Before You Confirm-Top FAQ’s

Before You Confirm-Top FAQ’s

Before You Confirm, list the top most frequently asked questions by patrons of our establishment.  We hope these FAQS help you, in making a prompt decision for us, to help make your dreams come true..for your perfect wedding day or event.

1. Why should I choose your All-Inclusive Wedding Package?

-Great question. Our All-Inclusive Package offers you the ability to one-stop-shop choosing from a diverse list of qualified Vendors. Each Vendor has been hand selected to deliver the highest quality product and communication. Our Vendors  offer a reduced rate through our All-Inclusive that translates into savings for you . Also, the level of communication and continuity is great with a well honed team of professionals.

2. What are my Captains responsibilities?

-Your Captain is your go-to person throughout the planning process. Their first duty is to the management of your food & beverage. They schedule a meeting with you 1 month prior to your day to discuss your floor-plan, timeline, rentals, and final menu. They arrive on-site 3 hours prior to your start time and manage their team to execute flawless service. They are also the last to leave to ensure that your Venue of choice is left in its original condition.

3. What are my Coordinators duties?

-If you elect to have a Coordinator, many of the Pre-Wedding Day responsibilities listed above are transferred to your Coordinator. The one major difference is that your Day Of Coordinator will be communicating with your Vendors to assure a seamless execution of the Time-line. They oversee your Captain and their team to guarantee your expectations are met.They will attend a Rehearsal and be your Personal Assistant on your Day.

4. For my All-Inclusive Package, will I have a choice of my Vendors?

-Yes, each option on your Package has several Vendors to choose from. For example, we work with 4 Photography Studios , 2 of which have multiple photographers. I recommend contacting them as soon as you confirm, to verify that you find the right person to fit your needs.

5. What is the price difference for a seated service versus a buffet?

-We don’t charge differently for a seated service. The one change would be a necessary addition of servers to accommodate your guests needs. This would be determined ahead of time but adjusted to your final guest-count.

6. What if my guest count changes after I confirm.

-Inevitably your guest count will change. Your final count is due 10 days prior to your Day so your Invoice will reflect your Final Guest Count, Rentals, and Updated Staff Count.

7. Are rentals included?

-No, the reason being that several venues do have some to offer you. This also allows you the option to fully customize your rental package to your needs. Ask your salesperson to get you an estimate for rentals and it can be added to your Invoice pending your final decisions.

8. When should I schedule my Tasting?

-This is entirely up to you. Many of our Clients elect to have their Tasting close to when their scheduling their Vendor Meeting. That way, everything is fresh in their mind just weeks before their Day.

9. What are the restrictions on the Limo in your Package?

– You get the Limo for a 4 hour period, on your Day, and it can be broken up one time. This allows you to get picked up, brought to your Ceremony, and delivered to your Reception. This is a good point for that break  to enjoy your reception and afterwards, hop in the Abbey Limo and be whisked away to your final destination. We have 1 Limo on staff, if you are interested in this as an Option, reserve it immediately.

10. My fiance and I love your Menu, we have a special dish that I don’t see, how can you help me?

– Many of our Brides and Grooms come from different family backgrounds. They want to see both Cultures represented on their day. The Abbey is a fully Custom Caterer that can produce dishes specific to your needs. With a stellar Team of Chefs, your day can be customized completely to please all of your guests.

Click here to find out more about The Abbey’s FAQs and how The Abbey can make your dream wedding a very magical, very special day..

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