Bringing the garden theme indoors

Bringing the garden theme indoors

Two strong factors can present obstacles for selecting that perfect garden venue for your wedding reception. The first being inflexibility on dates & availability. The other being that most of San Diego’s wedding venues book 12-14 months prior to the wedding date. With other brides gunning for your perfect venue, if you don’t plan ahead, it becomes a very stressful endeavor. So if your time line doesn’t enable you to book your outdoor venue, here are some great ways to bring the outdoors inside!

1. It seems pretty simple but your centerpieces-wildflowers or even roses to can create a garden theme. Over sized centerpieces are a great way to add all those outdoor colors to your table side.

2. Succulents-Very popular last year and still going strong. There are a variety of colors & shapes of this very hearty plant and they make great arrangements and can be used as accents. The great thing is your guests can take them home regardless of a lack of a green thumb, would be hard-pressed to kill them.

3. Live Plants & Trees- Renting or buying potted plants or trees , even hedges can really spruce up your ceremony & reception. You can use them to create spaces while still looking dynamic. If you rent them you don’t have the hassle of lugging them back & forth but if purchased, you can recycle them or gift them to your guests.

4. Moss or Grass Installations-Moss can be used as an accompaniment to arrangements or in border boxes to the room or on auxiliary tables. Grass can boxed in cubes and used to create intricate designs on the floor of your hall or ballroom or even on your ceremony isle.

5. Edible Floral- Bring your garden theme to your food & beverage. Any noteworthy San Diego caterer can give you tons of options for integrating edible floral into appetizers, entrees, or craft cocktails.

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