Catering Event: Holiday party with Ruth!

Catering Event: Holiday party with Ruth!

The Holidays come with love, happiness, and giving back a welcome and gratitude to those on your wish list. A Ruth, had The Abbey cater her companies party in her lovely property in Coronado.  From the moment I met her she was amazing and full of life.  I can’t stress enough though to have your captain/coordinator visit the property where the event is to be held.  With every property comes its challenges and obstacles which will determine a timeline. Prior to the event’s start time we will need to arrive and set up in order to be ready for your guests.  It will also determine the events layout to have a smooth flowing event for placement f any stations and how we will execute everything for the party.

The biggest challenge of Ruth’s event was the size of her condo and the 3 flights of stairs that lead to it.  I needed to account enough time for set up, factoring in the stairs, the size of the condo, the guest count, and strategically having a floor plan for the placement of everything.  My Bachelors in Architecture and Interior Design has allowed me to create great space planning as well as amazing designs for any type of party.

Guests arrived to enjoy the company of each other and the great service that The Abbey Catering and Design provided.  The chef and I had an interactive hands on service. The guests where were able to ask the chef questions about the delicious food.

We prepared fresh herb cream cheese wontons with a drizzle of Thai Chili sauce, Ahi Poki on a crisp wonton, Fresh shrimp cocktail, and hot pork pulled sliders with crumbled blue cheese.  But let’s not forget the mashed potato bar, which is a hit at any event because you can build your own tailored mashed potatoes to how you like it, then be served your personalized potatoes in a large martini glass, which gives it a very sophisticated look.  To end the evening of the party we also provided a build-it-yourself ice cream bar with all the fixings.  Who doesn’t love ice cream, especially with caramel, fudge, nuts, whip cream and chocolate shavings, yum!

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