Cocktail Hour Music Alternatives

Cocktail Hour Music Alternatives

Picking out your wedding dress was the first thing you did and now you’re in the middle of planning your ceremony, but don’t forget about your cocktail hour which comes before your reception.  You will need music of course, because a cocktail hour with music is like a birthday cake without birthday candles.

There are so many options available from which you can choose, to make life a little less confusing I will give you a short list of traditional and contemporary selections:

  • Traditional – have your reception DJ to bring in some ambient mellow background melodies.
  • Modern – use a jazz trio or quartet to spice up the evening, a local singer/songwriter to regale your guests with some masterful guitar pieces.
  • Trendy – have a solo cellist or harpist charm your guests and keep family and friends moving smoothly to their silky beat
  • Themed – hire a tin drummer bringing sounds that emanate the oceanic beach themes.

The main key to make your event and your music selection uniquely yours during your cocktail hour is to add your own personal touch, be creative, create your own vision.

If you would like to have some help we have plenty of great ideas of our own, just ask one of our specialists….

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