Confessions of a #Bridesmaid

Confessions of a #Bridesmaid

If you read my blog articles, you’ll notice I tend to offer tips and advice for planning many aspects of one’s wedding day, from the rehearsal dinner to post-reception activities. This time, I thought it would be a nice change to ask someone else for their words of wisdom that has first-hand knowledge of weddings as well, my best friend and repeat bridesmaid, Victoria. Here are a few gems she had to share:

1. Remember to try on your bridesmaid dress at least a week before the wedding day, just in case you need to make any last minute alterations. The last thing you want is an ill-fitting dress in all those wedding photos.

2. Bring a change of shoes to the wedding. Unless you’re Wonder Woman and can manage to stand in five-inch heels all day long, you’ll need a pair of flats to give those poor feet a rest.

3. If you’re getting hair and make-up done, bring a button down shirt you can easily change into and out of so you don’t mess up that fabulous face and hairdo.

4. Don’t forget to eat the day of the wedding. With all the rush and excitement of the day, many times everyone forgets to eat and nearly passes out from just standing for photos or during the ceremony. This seriously almost happened with several of the bridesmaids.

5. If the bride is going on their honeymoon directly after the wedding reception, help her pack for the trip a week before the wedding. The last thing the bride will want to do is add another to-do item from her stockpiled wedding list the day of or even right after the wedding.

6. Whether it’s the job of your wedding coordinator or a task assigned to someone in the bridal party, keep in constant communication with any hired day-of transportation. It’s one thing if guests arrive late to the ceremony, but a completely different story when the bride or bridal party doesn’t show up on time.

7. Help keep an eye on the groom and groomsmen. The guys tend to get into all sorts of shenanigans, like having a few too many shots of alcohol right before the ceremony, and no bride wants to see a bunch of sloppy groomsmen at the altar.

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