Darlings, have you heard of the Darlington House?

Darlings, have you heard of the Darlington House?

The Darlington House, once a modest summer home for the Darlington family is now a 7500 square foot property. It is designated as an historical site in the San Diego Register of Historic Landmarks and is the perfect location for a picturesque wedding, reception, or social event.

The Darlington House is worldly marriage of vintage architecture and modern elegance, created and transformed through the vision of Mrs. Darlington and three notable architects. The eccentric and lavishly decorated home transports you into a world of the past and you almost get lost in its Alice-in-Wonderland-like maze. The Egyptian patio is perfect for an intimate ceremony and the adjacent Andalusian patio serves as a wonderful area for a cocktail reception or personal affair. The Spanish-inspired library can be a calm setting for guests to escape to while a formal dining reception or social event where up to 200 seated guests can take advantage of the lush outdoor Rose Garden space.

After the death of Mrs. Darlington the Social Service League of La Jolla purchased the property and now uses it as a revenue source to fund programs and affordable housing for those who have lived and worked in the San Diego area and who cannot otherwise afford decent housing after retirement. The rental includes a 4 hour use of the entire property, 1 hour of rehearsal time and 2 hours use of the upstairs suites for a bridal party immediately prior to the start of the contract time. One other hint, parking can be an issue, so hiring a valet service is highly recommended for your guests.

The Darlington House is located on 7441 Olivetas Street.  You may visit their website to schedule a visit or you can also make an appointment by calling (858) 454-7625.

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