Darlington’s “Secret Garden”

Darlington’s “Secret Garden”

Although known as the ”day of rest”,  this was certainly not the case for Amanda & Jeb. Sunday was filled with excitement, laughter, and memories that will last a lifetime for these newlyweds. The Darlington House of La Jolla was overwhelmed with loving family and dear friends, all gathered to witness the start of this special couple’s journey.


When guests ended their travels from Del Mar to La Jolla, their night was sure to be original. Upon entrance, well polished Abbey staff offered guests their choice of wine or Champagne. The Champagne glasses were delicately pulled from a specially crafted bronze metal tree that towered high atop a green silk table. Guest were encouraged to taste a variety of hors d’oeuvres as they mingled throughout the historic courtyards.


A tablescape was created to show thanks and recognition. Individual Chinese to-go boxes were filled with homemade, powder sugar-coated cookies to give the company a little sweetness to start their night off right. A sign in book meant that every party could write their own, distinct message to the bride and groom.  Old fashioned, lemon Pellegrino glass bottles were alphabetically set with personal tags hanging from each neck. Neatly, each persons name and table number was signed in calligraphy to guide them to their seats for dinner.

A cool, coastal breeze set the evening for Jeb and Amanda’s wedding celebration.  With temperatures averaging in the sixties, heaters were a must for this evening reception.  In the midst of the Darlington House gardens rested several elegant table settings. The pale linens and gold spindled chairs created the perfect contrast, balancing the greenery and late blossoms of nature. Simple, yet tasteful centerpieces were created by our preferred florist, Arturo, of Artquest Flowers. Candles were lit on every table to bring a romantic ambiance, along with the moon shining brightly high above.


As the Newlyweds and the rest of their ensemble snuggled into their chairs, a fresh, hot meal was being assembled by the Abbey staff. One by one as the plates were set down, a steaming dual entrée awaited their approval. Citrus marinated chicken breast and Chianti braised Black Angus beef, each of which was accompanied by a homemade sauce, was sure to hit many soft spots during the dinner hour. Delicious truffled mashed potatoes and fresh grilled vegetables topped off their bellies and had them leaning back in their seats with contentment.


As Amanda and Jeb began to cut their cake, the Abbey staff snuck into the Darlington House kitchen and pulled out tubs of homemade gelato from the freezer. A variety of flavors were chosen to pair with the already pleasing dessert. The cake, three tiers high, was precisely cut and and placed onto dessert plates, and each slice was lucky enough to have a cold dish of yummy gelato at its side. How better to end a night than with an irresistible dessert and a hot cup of Joe!


The Darlington House has ageless charm and the most spectacular grounds, making it one of the Abbey’s preferred venues. Talk to us here!

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