Deborah J Shields Photography Creates Memories

Deborah J Shields Photography Creates Memories

When the confetti has been swept up and the honeymoon whirlwind has past, every bride wants to be able to look back on perfect memories of her wedding day. Deborah J Shields Photography of San Diego is a top choice for happy couples who want their photographs to capture every carefully planned moment of their big day. Her cinematic style will show all your special moments with the silver-screen lining they deserve.

The Abbey Catering & Event Design chooses to work with Deborah for her professionalism and attention to detail. She has worked in the field of wedding photography for many years which will show in the perfection of her images. Evocative, romantic and treasured, any bride and groom who choose Deborah will be delighted with their photographic memories of their special day together.

Choosing a photographer for your big day is a difficult task, and you want to choose someone who leaves no margin for error while being personable and kind to work with from beginning to end. Our photographers are all exclusive, award winning photographers that we have invited on our team after years of experience with them on a contractual basis. As one of their biggest clients, we demand nothing short of perfection for our clients, and know that Deborah Shields and The Abbey will work together to ensure the memories of your perfect wedding day stay crystal clear forever.

If you would like to talk more about Deborah or any other of our preferred vendors…please get in touch with us and we can go over all the components of our All Inclusive Wedding Packages.

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