Dreams of Nantucket

Dreams of Nantucket

Imagine yourself in a dream….you are on an island nestled away in a lagoon tucked in beautiful lush marshes that meanders out to the ocean.  Breath taking views scents of the glistening ocean, and the sounds of seagulls above whisk you away to Nantucket while you are in beautiful Southern California, Carlsbad.  This estate’s venue of Contemporary Modern meets the romantic getaway is the perfect location to have a beautiful and elegant wedding.

Chris and Sara are such a beautiful couple in mind and spirit that being such an important part of their wedding made it so much more than work, but as if I was part of the experience.  Every once in a while, you come across, such a joyful couple, that have such wonderful friends and family that once the wedding is over it feels like you were there during the whole journey.

From the minute I met the lovely couple I was brought in with open arms and was welcomed into their world of a new partnership.  Sara came in with a vision and a dream and I and my team from The Abbey were able to make her fairytale come true under the twinkling lights in the patio nestled among the trees.  We created such an intimate setting lit by candle votives, beautiful flowers, and sumptuous food that no one could resist or forget.  We set off the evening by having beautiful red cabbage bowls as our vessel for our most delicious Abbey salad.  This beautiful presentation was pre-set on the tables that all you saw were splashes of reds, greens, and purples.  These artful presentations were in place of party favors.  Dressing up the table with nature’s vibrant colors against the beautiful centerpieces gave the table such vibrancy of color and allure, and not to mention great taste.

The food, need I mention, was so delicious.  The presented buffet boasted such a beautiful romantic scene that came right of a romance novel.  The candles, gems, and silver adorned branches, glistening colors of purples, reds, and blues from the flowers from the arch from the ceremony, was presented on the buffet station where our chefs served the guests.  They were presented with a duo of succulent slow braised short ribs and a beautiful Jidori chicken drizzled with an herb white wine sauce.  Accompanying this outstanding entrée were delicious sides of our famous truffle cream cheese mashed potatoes and ever so fresh blanched broccoli from our local farmer’s.

The second half of the evening, where the party let loose and everyone talked about the young couple after watching their amazing slideshow out under the twinkling trees is how the rest of the evening took place.  The main room was light by beautiful lights, candles everywhere, and the Dj pumping out their favorite tunes.  It felt liked you were plucked out of the Limelight in New York where it was one of the premier night clubs of NY’s past.  Everyone participated in the union of 2 loving people.  Smiles filled the room, conversations of memories of the couple, and traditions of the couple’s ancestry were shared amongst each other.  Congratulations Sara and Chris from The Abbey staff and me.

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