Featured venue: Museum of Photographic Art @MOPASD

Featured venue: Museum of Photographic Art @MOPASD

I can’t emphasis how important it is to always look at all the conditions of the venue and the obstacles it might have.  It is up to your captain and or coordinator to discuss with you all aspects that you will need to know on how smooth your wedding or event will go with the challenges that might occur with each and every venue.  The Abbey Catering has an experienced team of coordinators and captains that are at your disposal.   I encourage you to ask a lot of questions so that we can give you the right answers and guide you to a very successful event.  Claire and Robert married at The Museum of Photographic Arts on November 11, 2012.  It is a very historical and memorable venue that your guests will always remember with a part of history.   The venue offers stunning views, great exhibits, and a space at M.O.P.A.  that is transformed from a plain atrium to an elegant room.

Naturally there are challenges to overcome at this venue, and after doing lots of successful events, we have mastered how to have an amazing event go smoothly.  The Abbey Catering staff shares all the knowledge from each event at their weekly staff meetings and all captains and coordinators get to learn from all the experiences that happen from each event.

The M.O.P.A. venue is very expansive, if you choose to have your cocktail hour and or ceremony at different locations our brides and grooms won’t see the proverbial ant line of staff carrying and breaking down all the decor and drinks to the desired location. Needless to say the logistics are complicated and The Abbey Catering has mastered this art, making a  seamless transition from one location to another, the Abbey does this gladly do for all of  our clients.  It is our responsibility to discuss this with each and every client how much staffing this will require and also the requirement of different shifts for the staff so that the will not be any overtime for any employee.  We will always do our best to save every client money but still make sure that you will have a perfect event.

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