Going green on your wedding day (M.B. 11/28/13) RTP

Going green on your wedding day (M.B. 11/28/13) RTP

Going GREEN for your wedding day in San Diego:


Today’s wedding world offers so many creative ways to save money, time, and energy when planning your special day.  For those looking for inventive ways to go GREEN here are a couple ideas to be eco friendly in San Diego.


1. Select a San Diego wedding venue that offers both the ceremony site and reception space so guests don’t have to travel to multiple locations.


2. Use an online save the date.


3. Hire vendors that can multi task your wedding.  Companies in San Diego that offer all-inclusive wedding packaging are experienced with providing more than one service per event.  Having multiple deliveries is not cost effective or eco-friendly.   Also ask if they offer paperless bookings!


4. Buy local. Using locally produced food, flowers, or maybe even getting a custom dress from a local designer.


5. Consider a more intimate wedding.  Consider your out of town guest list and overall guest count.  Sometimes the smaller the guest count the more memorable the experience.


6.  Save the leftovers.  Even if you are not going to provide a goody bag for all your guest.  Ask the caterer if they would donate it to a homeless shelter in San Diego and save what they can.  Caterers are happy to do so.


7.  Donations for wedding favors.  With all the organizations out there pick one that you would like to give back to.  It really speaks a lot about who you are to give back.


8. Photo booth.  With the technology today many photo booth options have the capacity to upload photo’s straight to Facebook or your personal email.  Also, some have the capacity to take video clips and also upload to your personal accounts.  Super cool way to capture the memories and go green!



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