Great #Tips for booking #LiveEntertainment

Great #Tips for booking #LiveEntertainment

Lately, there has been a big trend for my brides & grooms to choose booking live entertainment for their receptions instead of a typical DJ. So when researching the bands that are going rock your socks off! Here are some words of advice to consider in order to help you find the perfect fit:
Since you’re looking for live entertainment, ask if you can check out one of their live performances. Then you can get a first-hand feel for their style and presentation. If you’re not able to attend one of their live gigs, then ask for sample videos and music. More often than not, they will have sample CDs or even music available for purchase on iTunes.
Make sure there is a plan for a master of ceremonies and music in between sets, because the entertainment will definitely need breaks. Also, confirm any requirements they may have for a green room and food & beverage.

Hiring live entertainment is a great way to incorporate culture into your event. A mariachi band and Japanese drum circle are two great examples. If you’re looking for something a little more eclectic, one of my couples even hired a live rock band karaoke to liven up the party!

Most venues require any vendor that brings in equipment to carry a business license and liability insurance, so make sure your entertainment adheres to these rules.

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