Have a drink with us! Our top 5 #Summertime #cocktails!

Have a drink with us! Our top 5 #Summertime #cocktails!

Let’s face it.  When it comes to a wedding most people want to have some drinks.  With the right bar company, you have the opportunity to not only get an awesome open bar rate, but the ability to create a signature drink.

Many brides and grooms to be might have a go-to drink that they want to share with their guests.  But if you are looking for some recommendations I would base the selections off of the season.  Reason being is that your seasonal drink may just match your seasonal dishes that your chef has customized for you.


 Top  5 cocktails for the Summertime Season:

1. Cucumber Martini

White rum –

fresh lime –

simple sugar –

English cucumber –

club soda

2. Watermelon Martini

Fresh watermelon –

lemon infused vodka –

splash of cointreau

3. Jalapeno Margarita:

aged tequila –

fresh sour mix –

fresh jalapeno –


4. Mint julep:

mint sprigs –

bourbon whiskey–

sugar –


5. Aviation:

 gin – fresh lemon –

maraschino cherries and juice –

splash of club

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