How to Host a Private Wedding or Event

How to Host a Private Wedding or Event

A private residence can be a prime choice to many couples searching for the most unique venues for their big day. You get one shot at your perfect day and you may be considering using a private home as your venue, but before you decide, there are a few things to consider.

Private homes are great as they are completely unique. First things first, consider your guest count and ensure that you have adequate space or be willing to compromise and cut your list. Make sure if you are opening your home to 100+ people that you also have the facilities to do so.

Is the home catering-ready? Have a consultant such as myself come to the home to discuss the positives and negatives that may affect your day. Is the kitchen sizable enough and if not, is there ample room and power for a remote kitchen? The need for a remote kitchen – pending menu options, could result in the addition of kitchen equipment and therefore added costs.

Also, we should touch on your vision from decor to logistics and also music – where you must consider the possibility of noise ordinances. We want to make sure your vision for how your day will unfold is feasible. Distance from Kitchen set-up to reception area and layout could impact the amount of staff required to execute service. Is the Ceremony on a separate site from the Reception? If not, consider that your entire reception must be completely flipped and executed within the traditional cocktail hour – which requires additional staff. Typically, I have my staff arrive 3 hours prior, to set up both ceremony & reception. This gives them ample time to execute your vision and take a break prior to when the action starts.

Location is huge. Will you be at the beach, a high-rise, or inland. Each site has inherent characteristics that must be addressed. At the beach your ceremony is on the sand and the #1 thing is to watch and understand is the tide. You can only do your best to gauge this but it’s not always accurate, so give yourself additional space in the case that mother nature does not cooperate. High-rise’s are beautiful and will typically offer a great view, they’re clean, and contemporary.

Parking is one of the major factors to consider but usually there will be adjacent parking garages and may even be able to arrange Valet Service. Inland venues, depending on the time of year could be sizzling HOT! You will most likely be outside, so plan ahead and prepare tenting. An average price for a Tent can cost over a thousand. It will protect people and objects from the elements and create a pleasing space. You may need your area measured to be completely prepared. You may also want to consider a water bar to keep guests hydrated, it can be a long day under the sun.

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