Incorporating Cultural Activities to Your Wedding!

Incorporating Cultural Activities to Your Wedding!

People are always searching for fun and interesting ways to help make their wedding more personal and unique. Besides using specific wedding themes, colors, or decor, consider incorporating culture and cultural activities into the day’s events to give you and your guests something extra!

If there is a long gap scheduled between the ceremony and reception, take advantage of this time and give your guests a short itinerary of activities to help keep them occupied. One idea is to organize a scavanger hunt that will give your guests the opportunity to explore some of your favorite sites, including personal tidbits along the way. If you’re in an area with museums and galleries, like Balboa Park, map out a walking tour for your guests or even pre-pay admission to some of your favorite venues.

Music is another great way to incorporate culture into your wedding. If you’re looking to pay homage to your cultural background, hire a relevant band to play during your wedding. One of my couple’s had an Irish bagpiper and drummer play during their cocktail hour, whereas other couples had a Mariachi band and Japanese drum circle perform during the reception. Along the same lines of a band performing during your wedding, consider hiring a cultural dance troupe as a lavish spectacle for the reception.

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