Intricate Masterpiece at San Diego Museum of Art (MAYO)

Intricate Masterpiece at San Diego Museum of Art (MAYO)

The most intricate wedding that I have ever had the pleasure to attend took place in Balboa Park, the perfect canvas for such a beautiful event to occur. From the beginning of our set up, The Abbey team put their sweat and hearts into making James and Mary’s dream wedding come to life on their special day of Saturday, August 28th, 2010.

This wedding unfolded when the guests first walked through a set of tall iron gates into their own private party. The Jameson’s fantasies came to life with florals provided by Caring Florists and lounge furniture. Guests were entertained from beginning to end at this wedding. Hors d’oeuvres were passed through the cocktail area while guests watched family members dance to their carefully choreographed ensembles. Bars were available in multiple locations as well as a bronze espresso bar from Euro Bar. While martinis were shaken and lattes were poured the bridal party was anxiously awaiting their formal introduction to kick of the celebration.

As family and friends walked to dinner through the masterpiece created by our Abbey Team,  their eyes could not stop wandering as they took it all in. The decor was off the top. The auditorium was dressed from head to toe, and everywhere in between. The walls were draped in a white fabric so that blue and green spotlights could create a tranquil atmosphere. Tables in every size; square, round, and booth style, were set in particular patterns to create the perfect Fung Shui and mixed fabrics, textures, floral, candles, and candy apples. Chaffers were steaming as The Abbey Chefs lowered each component onto the stations. One by one tables were excused to make their way to the feast. Most guests couldn’t help but have a sample of everything. While the adults were making their way back to their tables their children were already full-bellied and content at a specially created table where they could entertain each other for a stress-free night. Lollipops and candy from the Bride and Groom provided the perfect energy supplement for them to hop out on the dance floor and perform their dance to hot new remixes for the crowd. With satisfied appetites, great company, and amazing surroundings this would be a hard night to not enjoy!

If you would like The Abbey Catering to organize you a breathtaking event at the San Diego Museum of Art, our advisers would love to hear from you!

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