Julia Buchta-Davis on the #Engagement Session

Julia Buchta-Davis on the #Engagement Session

Engagement photo sessions are one of my favorite things to do for couples getting ready to tie the knot.  There is so much anticipation for the wedding day, a day that celebrates their everlasting union.  The days leading up to the big day are exciting indeed!

Why have engagement photos?  Well, one great reason is because it is a photo record of your joyful days of courting and what you were like as a couple before you were married.  Are you fun and playful, or quiet and romantic together?   Whatever your style it’s great to have a photographer that understands an important fact; every couple is different.  Further, sometimes one of you is playful but the other is mostly quiet, calling for a little of both styles.

Another great reason for an engagement photo session is that the photos make for a great guest sign-in book for your wedding day.  My exclusive album company, Graphi-Studio Of Italy now has beautiful guest books.

One final and really great reason to have engagement photos is that it’s an opportunity for you to get comfortable with your photographer.  You already have a level of comfort from meeting me but why not try out what it’s like to work with me. You will get to know my little coaching cues and what it feels like to be in front of a camera.  The more comfortable you are in front of camera before your wedding day, the more natural your photos will be on your wedding day.  Natural photos are what it’s all about!

Whatever your style and personalities are together is what you want to come through in your engagement photos.  The natural you as individuals, and as a couple.  My style is to capture the couple being themselves, doing what they’d be doing in their favorite location be it in an hip urban street setting, a walk in the park, strolling on the beach, or walking through the lively streets of La Jolla taking in the sights with ice cream cones.  Mornings and afternoons are typically the best time of day for outdoor location photo sessions.

Schedule your engagement session by contacting me at Julie@JBuchtaDavis.com

When you book my services for your Abbey event you will receive a complimentary engagement photo session!  Contact me for details and to set up your appointment.


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