Keys to a Fun Wedding Reception

Keys to a Fun Wedding Reception

1)      Plan some unexpected entertainment:  Guests are accustomed to seeing the usual things, like the money dance and other wedding favorites; but why not surprise your guests with unique entertainment?  One bride and groom wowed their guests with a fully choreographed tango dance, while another had a live band karaoke at their reception.  One unique option is renting The Abbey’s one of a kind photo booth, full with silly props it can be a big hit at your reception. It is always a great hit among guests and can really jazz up your party.

2)      Add a lounge to your reception:  Sometimes guests get restless sitting at the dining tables and don’t really feel the need to shake their booty, so why not create a nice lounge space for guests to escape to?  Renting a few couches or small pieces of furniture with some pillows in an area lit by candlelight really would add a level of class to your reception while maintaining a fun atmosphere.  The Abbey Catering can help, we have great lounge pieces for any occasion.

3)      Music, music, music:  Whether you hire a band or one of The Abbey’s preferred DJs for entertainment, make sure you see eye to eye on the type of music they play.  Songs like “The Macarena” and “The Chicken Dance” should really be outlawed.  And bands normally take a break or two during the reception, so make sure they have something to play as backup during those times.

4)      Kids are people too:  It’s inevitable that children will be attending the wedding, so have a game plan to keep them entertained while the adults can have some quality time together.  Hire a babysitter to watch over the kids while they enjoy a movie in a separate room or have other games and activities to keep them occupied.

5)      Keep the toasts to under 2 minutes each:  Simple and heartfelt toasts are the way to go and help maintain the flow of a good party.  Too many toasts and those that are awkward or long-winded from the cousin-you-never-talk-to can really dampen the mood.

6)      Have fun and fresh food:  The Abbey has amazing menus to appease any palate, so take advantage of what we have to offer and customize it by your tastes!  For a more casual style, order stations of Mexican tacos or a slider bar for guests to enjoy.  If a buffet-style or plated dinner isn’t your cup of tea; have heavy hors d’oeuvres or a simple yet elegant display.

7)      Hire a day-of wedding coordinator:  After all of the time and planning, nothing is worse than being stressed out on your wedding day.  So look into using one of The Abbey’s veteran day-of wedding coordinators to take care of all the little details and to ensure your day is as special and as worry-free as can be!

Tell us your ideas, share with us and we will share even more ideas with you, the two of us will make a great team…..

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