La Jolla Garden Club Event Set Up

La Jolla Garden Club Event Set Up

The members of the La Jolla Garden Club arrive with decorations fully setup, the tables stocked with food, the Abbey servers patiently await to refill platters and answer questions as the event moves toward great success.  How did all this happen?  Preparation for all our events start many hours before and sometimes even a couple days before the event actually takes place.  We want to make sure the food tastes just right and that the layout looks just like what our clients have envisioned.

This specific event belongs to the  ladies of the La Jolla Garden Club and was hosted at the Cuvier Club in beautiful La Jolla, CA.  There was plenty of food for tasting and a book signing or two for small talk as the ladies began to stream in the door.  As they walked in they were met with beautiful standing flower vases and red luxurious quilt.  Entering the event hall the ladies gazed at tables filled with such things as scones, individual cakes and a variety of finger sandwiches.  Ornate, red umbrellas placed in stands floated overhead and fun decorative flower arrangements filled the center of the guest tables.  All was in place and the event begins.

All we need is a little time to prepare and you will get the event you always wanted.  Its as easy as clicking ahead and giving us a little direction and then we’ll take the lead….


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