La Jolla Woman’s Club: A Remarkable Wedding Venue

La Jolla Woman’s Club: A Remarkable Wedding Venue

La Jolla Woman’s Club: A Remarkable Wedding Venue

On November 7th  The Abbey catered an amazing wedding at La Jolla Woman’s Club for Molly. You’ve got to love this indoor venue,  with a nice kitchen and great floor plan. As always, The Abbey team went extra mile to accomplish nothing less than a perfect wedding for Molly and Mark. All of the guest tables were mixed up, round versus rectangle shapes.

The beautiful La Jolla Woman’s Club venue brought a lot of interest in the room and it kept everyone’s eyes moving. Everyone loved that idea and it made this wedding more than memorable,  along with delicious menu and service.

La Jolla Woman’s Club: Creating Unforgettable Experiences

Another recent La Jolla Woman’s Club wedding we held was for Cathie and Mike. They were living in Texas at the time and wanted a destination wedding in beautiful San Diego, and as it turns out, Cathie once lived in San Diego and that they plan to move here in several years.  Our initial conversation was great and we got to know each other and I listened to her wants and needs, a vision I would say of how this wedding was to be.  It was my job to make her dream wedding come true.

Over the course of the next several months, two unfortunate tragedies happened before their wedding, which left them no time to come to San Diego to meet me and plan the wedding. They asked me if I could handle everything for them, and without a moments hesitation, I did.  The relationships I cultivate with my clients is one of trust and understanding. I went ahead with the planning of the wedding the bride envisioned.

La Jolla Woman’s Club Wedding

Cathie and Mike wed on September 21 on top of the glorious La Jolla Woman’s Club wedding venue with a small intimate party of their closest friends and family. The ceremony and the reception was perfect and not to mention the food from our amazing chef.    The wedded couple had an amazing buffet, serving tender tri tip infused fresh herb and butter wine sauce and also char grilled Tilapia with fresh garlic and mango salsa.  They also had beautiful al dente Mediterranean Penne Pasta with marinara and seasoned grilled summer squash medley.

It is always such an amazing feeling that a couple could put that much trust in me and tell me at the end of the reception that everything was just perfect. We at the abbey establish such a rapport with our couples that allows clients, such as Cathie and Mike, to trust us with their most special day and we deliver it to them. Thus rewarding their trust and allowing them to fully appreciate their day without worry. Cheers to them, to a bright future together.

– Petr Trebin, Special Events Coordinator

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