Let the cuisine flow like wine at your 2011 reception

Let the cuisine flow like wine at your 2011 reception

Possibly one of the most frustrating options to choose for the reception will be the catering. With hundreds of hungry mouths to feed and the almost guaranteed possibility that some of our guests will have food allergies and certain dietary requirements, it is very important for a bride and groom to pick carefully in order to continue wowing the guests. The tradition of wedding dining is to have a sat-down set meal, but in this blog we will be discussing how the trends of wedding eating are changing in 2011.


The best wedding receptions are those that don’t get stale and ruin the mood of the guests . While many couples still opt for the tradition of table plans and set menus and have a very successful reception, more and more bride and grooms to be are looking at ways to spice it up with different food options, ways of serving, and the whole dining décor.


One trend that started becoming a popular choice in 2010 is the ‘flow’ reception. Guests have the chance to dine when they choose during a set period, getting their food from various stations around the room. This creates the opportunity to have many different food options without having to spend hours combing the RSVPs for special requirements, and the timings of the food stations opening and closing can be coincided with traditional aspects such as the speeches and cutting of the cake.


The types of food served at these stations can also be mixed up. Sushi was a very popular request for many having food stations, as were sliders, South of the border and also the versatile salad station. The Abbey worked with many different couples and corporate events that saw these foods prove their success with many return trips for seconds and even thirds! The stations can be dressed up to fit with the theme of the room, and provide more of a relaxed atmosphere for the guests to be in.

A good caterer is one who will be versatile to your needs. The Abbey can create custom menus for your guests to make sure your reception goes with a bang.

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