Looking For A Venue You Will Love? Try #SDMA

Looking For A Venue You Will Love? Try #SDMA

Things to remember when having a wedding where there will be different locations for the ceremony, dinner, and reception:

Make sure that you adequately staff your event, there are so many factors involved with insuring we create your vision accurately.  With so much  ground to cover comes a lot of physical and time consuming demands; every member of our catering staff is a vital part of our team, and we all share 1 simple goal, to make your special day your Dream come true. Adding an additional server or two might not seem necessary but the difference an additional set of hands can make is night and day!

Guest count will make all the difference on how many staff members you will need.  You want to make sure that your guests are well taken care of.

Take advantage of the natural beauty of the grounds and its surroundings. Sometimes less is more, however don’t be afraid to ask your coordinator to help you brainstorm on creative ways to add to the evening.

Always depend on your coordinator and trust them indefinitely.  To ensure a successful evening always ask your coordinator for their  advice. They are there not solely for their creativity with planning and decor, but also for their vast experience gained from executing hundreds of amazing events. They want your special day, to be perfect just as badly as you do!

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