Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After

Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After

The postcard experience of Ocean View Villas was the perfect setting for this lazy, hazy, fun-filled wedding. With the dramatic views atop the sunset cliffs, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the excited couple said “I do” among overjoyed family and friends.

The couple envisioned an all-white classic wedding with a few flattering quirks. The tablescapes were mesmerizing, gowned in crisp white linens, dazzling with crystal stemware, adorned with simple white wooden folding chairs, and united by an original floral centerpiece designed by our friends at Artquest flowers.

Once the ceremony was over guests were welcomed into the cocktail area, where servers weaved in and out with mouth watering treats – specific morsels of the bride and groom – while playful family and friends shared laughter over the snapshots at the photo booth and the bartenders kept the drinks flowing.

The couple opted for a traditional seated dinner, a fine dining experience complimented by the Abbey’s signature salad and a dual entree finale; so each guest had the chance to try both awe-inspiring main course.

As the sun set, the warm glow of evening turned to the cool dark of night and guests danced with the stars – infused by the hip beats of the DJ, who persuaded the crowd to move in tune to the ever evolving mood.

It was a true pleasure for us to experience this special day. Lydia and Qihai chose one of the Abbey’s spectacular wedding packages – which including all the rest – beheld the Maui Penthouse! Their union was feverishly fantastic and begot an event that will not be forgot.

Days to nights like these are common with the Abbey Catering – providing fresh ideas and prime locales, we build great moments from the ground up. Feel free to find out how your visionary day-dreams of a bold gathering – wedding day wonder or anything else under the sun can become a simple matter of experience – both ours’ and yours’.


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