Making Miracles Happen–Mercy Outreach Surgical Team

Making Miracles Happen–Mercy Outreach Surgical Team

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Dr. Machado

The Abbey Catering & Event Design is proud to be associated with a wonderful group of doctors that are truly helping make a difference in the lives of those in need in our community and abroad.  Dr. Machado, long time friend of The Abbey, continually labors to reach out to those with limited access to health care.  The Mercy Outreach Surgical Team(M.O.S.T.) provides medical and surgical care to underprivileged children and adults from other countries.  The volunteer group of physicians, nurses and technicians perform life-changing surgeries to correct cleft lips, cleft palates, burn scars, crossed eyes, hernias and a variety of other conditions.

The compassion and care provided by M.O.S.T. helps uplift the spirit and self-esteem of nearly 300 children and adults during week-long outreach missions in the heart of southern Mexico.  Corrective care is also provided during weekend outreach missions  in Tijuana, Mexico.

Dedicated to  serving as many children as possible, M.O.S.T. operates with minimal overhead expenses.  The team is supported by monetary contributions, donations of supplies and equipment, and hundreds of volunteers who give their time and expertise to help those in greatest need.

To find out more about this wonderful group of people, to donate your time, resources or supplies, or to to make a monetary donation.

The Abbey Catering & Event Design, Mercy Outreach Surgical Team and hundreds of deserving young ones thank you.

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