Marina Village Wedding Venue - Our Recent Wedding Event
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Marina Village Wedding Venue – Our Recent Wedding Event

Marina Village Wedding Venue – Our Recent Wedding Event

Marina Villlage Ceremony

Marina Village Wedding: Our Recent Experience

Consider having your wedding ceremony in a beautifully landscaped lawn, the birds humming perfectly pitched tunes, the wind blowing soft curls through your hair and all for $600.00, renting a prime locale on the best day of the week – Saturday, for only six benjamins the beauty of this experience could be yours to remember.  The $600 covers a liberating 3 hours, an arch and a hundred white wood chairs. If you book the ceremony and reception through The Marina Village, you can look forward to a $100 discount.

If any of the above intrigued you, The Marina Village is located on 1936 Quivira Way and stays open 7 days a week.  Feel free to check out their website to find some wonderful pictures and an array of information at their website or you could pick up a phone to schedule a visit by dialing (619) 222-1620.

We have always enjoyed working with The Marina Village and if you also require culinary expertise our phones and doors are always open – we offer cash saving specials on catering and event design with this beautiful venue.

My Breath was taken away as I dazed out the windows of Marina Villages, Sunset Room.  It was a full, panoramic view of Sailboats and Yachts at one of San Diegos most desirable locations. The boats were lined up; single file, in the calm, sparkling blue waters of the Mission Bay Channel. As I stood, 12 feet or so above this incredible Marina, I instantly knew why Cara and Aaron had chosen this reception venue to create life-long memories. It was unique and highlighted the rare beauty of southern California.

An Unbelievable Wedding

Thanks to the lovely assistance of the bride and grooms aunts, set up was a breeze. Round tables were dressed flawlessly in white linens with a black and white damask overlay on top.  Each chair was covered with black and tied with a white satin bow. Voluminous, white roses and greenery embellished the tables. Glass and Silverware were preset, persuading the guest to sit and grab a bite to eat and drink.

Little by little the cool, air-conditioned room began to heat up as the one hundred and thirty seven guest began to arrive. The sun began to sink lower into the horizon giving the room a sun kissed glow. Guest maneuvered around this peerless venue absorbing each component. With a built in Dj booth and wrap around bar, a large load was lifted off our shoulders.

Marina Village weddings in san diego ca

Horsdeourves were a HIT! Once the door swung open from the kitchen, guest were practically swarming our servers to get another bite. Ahi Poke eggrolls with sweet Wasabi and Ginger Soy drizzle were nothing shy of amazing. A unique combination of Goat cheese and Chorizo Quesadillas finished with fresh guacamole and homemade salsa had tongues tied, but in a good way. Another sweet success for our Abbey Chefs.

After cocktail hour we began to summon our buffet. When the chafer lids lifted a hot steam rose from each item. Fresh aromatics filled the air and had taste buds melting.  Tables were released accordingly preventing any traffic jams to occur. Single handedly each guest was served their dinner. A dual entree of Gogonzola Chicken and fresh wild Salmon was chosen to relish various palettes. After plates had been cleared the guests were ready to rock!

Dancing the night away was easy for these party goers. The DJ had at least eighty percent of the guest on their feet, moving to the music for the remainder of the night. The Bride and groom decided to carry on family tradition and do the “Wall Dance.” Each person from the event was asked to get up on their feet, move to the nearest wall, touch it with a body part, dance, and don’t stop until the song was over. What an easy request for this crowd. In fact, they continued to do the “Wall Dance” long after the song was over.  I couldn’t help but laugh and smile as I watched each guest enjoy themselves and finish out their night without a care in the world.

To a Beautiful Couple and Family, Cheers!

Do you dream of spicing up this magnificent venue? What details can we help arrange for the celebration of your special day…

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