[L]et our classically trained, award-winning chefs create a menu that is distinctively you. We’ll work for you to ensure that no detail goes overlooked.  We  limit the amount of menus we present on our website because we listen carefully to our client’s needs and develop custom menus.   We have over 21 classically trained chefs with cuisine specialties from the Far East, to the Mediterranean, to South of the boarder, and more!    We look forward to creating a personalized, custom menu specially for you. We are happy to prepare any of these dishes gluten free, vegan, or any other dietary needs you or your guests may require.    Below is our most popular menu package just for you to get an idea of our caliber,  quality,  and creativity.    However, the best place to get excited about our food is at one of our events, or  from one of  our online  reviews.

The Westminster Package

Appetizer Courses

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Tray-Passed Appetizers:

Sesame-Seared Ahi    wasabi aioli, crispy wonton

Golden Coconut Shrimp    fresh coconut flake, lightly curried dredge, Thai chili sauce

• Hawaiian-Style Poke    center cut ahi, fresh mango, pepper blend, sesame glaze, crispy wonton or cucumber

• Signature Boardwalk Crab Cake    Chesapeake blue crab, house spice blend, mango-bell pepper pico, Sriracha aioli

• Classic Shrimp Scampi Skewers    citrus-herb Maître d’Hôtel butter

Sesame-Crab Salad    pickled cucumber, togarashi spice blend

• Shrimp Bisque Shooter    corn Chantilly, chive

Fresh Tomato Bruschetta    basil, toasted crostini (v)

Signature Hummus Duo    grilled pita with signature hummus (v)

• Fig-Chevre Tartlette    savory chevre mousse, sliced fig, raspberry coulis (v)

Petit Beef Wellington    diced sirloin, gorgonzola crumble, savory herb blend, horseradish crème fraiche aioli

Marinated Chicken Skewers    choice of house jamaican jerk sauce, thai-peanut, or truffle-balsamic glaze

Spicy Soyrizo-Chevre Quesadilla    melted cheese blend, cilantro-chipotle cream sauce (v)

House-Wrapped Cream Cheese Wontons    with Thai-chili sauce (v)

Assorted Vegetable Dumpling    lavender honey Karashi mustard, scallion (v)

Pan-fried Eggplant Fritter    roasted eggplant, seasonal vegetable medley, lemon-basil aioli (v)

Caribbean-Jerk Marinated Tofu Skewers    with toasted sesame crust (vg)

Sweet’n Savory Brie Tartlette    melted brie, candied walnuts, dried cranberry, balsamic drizzle (v)

Wild Mushroom Arancini    hot and crispy risotto, melted mozzarella, spicy marinara (v)

Feta-Stuffed Date    crisp bacon, fig wine drizzle

• Moroccan Beef Skewers    apricot-ginger glaze, house rub

White Bean Roasted Garlic Crostini    crispy bacon, shaved parmesan, fried sage

Classic Meatballs    red wine demi-glace, shaved parmesan

Harissa Curry Chicken Salad   currants, red grapes, mint

BBQ Pulled Chicken Sliders    tangy house slaw

BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders    tangy house slaw

Beef Sliders    fresh herbs, sharp cheddar, pickle aioli

Pre-Set Salad Courses

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• Fresh Tomato-Cucumber Salad    fresh mozzarella, torn basil, lemon-truffle vinaigrette

Abbey Signature Salad    crumbled feta, candied walnut, dried cranberry, mixed greens, house-balsamic drizzle

Classic Greek    chopped romaine, diced tomato, cucumber moons, black olive, slivered red onion, imported feta, Greek dressing

Classic Caesar Salad    heart of romaine, spiced crouton, shaved parmesan, cracked black pepper

House Salad    chopped greens, cucumber, tomato, crouton, Italian dressing

Dual Entrée Main Courses

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Abbey-Style Boneless Short Rib    savory herb-red wine demi glace

Garlic-Herb Crusted NY Striploin or Flat-Iron    truffle-balsamic glaze

Chili-Garlic Rubbed Tri-Tip    black peppercorn demi

Marinated Sliced Skirt Steak    grilled assorted peppers, sweet caramelized onion and garlic

Sesame-Soy Glazed Salmon    toasted sesame blend, orange essence

Salmon En Croûte    stuffed salmon filet, fresh spinach, wild mushroom, feta cheese blend, fluffy pastry wrap, lobster beurre blanc

Pan-Roasted Blackened Mahi    lemongrass beurre blanc, mango salsa

• Shallow Fried Panko-Herb Salmon    cherry tomato jam

• Cuban Pork Tenderloin    house spice rub, fresh mango salsa

Saltimbocca Tenderloin Roulade    prosciutto, sage, smoked gouda

Roasted Stuffed Chicken    fresh spinach, mozzarella cheese blend, julienned sun-dried tomatoes, Mediterranean beurre blanc

Traditional Chicken Picatta    juicy marinated breast, lemon-caper beurre blanc

Panko-Herb Crusted Chicken Breast    gorgonzola cream sauce, fresh herbs

Chicken Breast Marsala    assorted mushrooms, marsala reduction

Entrée Sides:

• Seasonal Roasted Vegetables

Signature Smashed Potato    creamy garlic, truffle essence

Basmati Rice     toasted long-grain, diced vegetables

Plain Steamed Jasmine Rice

Pearl Cous Cous Salad   diced vegetable, red-wine vinaigrette

Penne Pasta    (choice of Marinara, Gorgonzola Cream, or Creamy Pesto Sauce)

Dessert Courses

Cutting and serving    of wedding cakes and other ceremonial dishes
Coffee    and tea bars


Palette cleansers, tea ceremonies, candy stations    and more. The only limit is your imagination.

Please understand this is only a sampling, and we’re happy to tailor our offerings to suit your creativity. Let’s explore together.