Modern Meets Traditional

Modern Meets Traditional

Diversity at your event is simple with a little help from the Abbey. Two-Hundred and eighty guests enjoyed this ceremony which was held at the North Chapel at Liberty Station and decorated with the simple elegance of yellow roses near the alter. The reception was held downtown at the Culy House, and brought a pizzazz that enlightened the occasion with the brilliance of a modern look, without losing its traditional roots! Located in the heart of the Gaslamp district in downtown San Diego, this venue was originally built in 1914 as a truck company, and its brilliants remains today as a warehouse for events special enough for this couples Wedding day!!

Short chianti braised short ribs and panko crusted chicken breast with gorgonzola cream sauce filled the guest rumbling stomachs and was accompanied with delectable sides of truffled rosemary mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables! Overwhelmed with a dinner fit for kings, there was nothing that could hold these guests from a beautiful wedding cake prepared by flower power, decorated in gorgeous fresh yellow daisies, lilies, and hydrangeas! . It was displayed under spotlights which laminated its beauty from the moment one walked through the door

This extravaganza was not done alone however, Rick and Bernadette from Narrative Images, Tareq Zataari Photography, and Dj Tim Altbaum all worked together to make this special day one filled with luminous and vibrant memories not only for the wedding couple but for every attending guest to remember for lifetimes to come!

Classy should bring a smile to your  face every time you see it in action.   The old trends when given a modern flare make strange, positive statements, click ahead and make your statement known for your event…


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