Must have tips & times for #SanDiego #Sunsets!

Must have tips & times for #SanDiego #Sunsets!

It is safe to say that San Diego is home to some of the best sunsets the US has to offer.  With dramatic landscapes and clear skies you can capture some memorable moments as the sun heads towards the horizon.  Whether you are looking to capture that moment during your ceremony or for pictures it is important to know when the sun starts to set during each month so you don’t miss it.  Here is a little help when building your timeline for your special day.

November, December, and January are months that are home to early sunsets.  These months are thought to be colder, and darker because it is apart of the winter season but the reality is it really never gets that cold here.  With the average sunsets happening between 4:45 pm and 5:15 pm you can build your timeline around this so by the time the sun is down you and your guest are already inside your venue enjoying refreshments and specialty food.

February, October and March are months which the sunsets range from 5:35 pm to almost 6:15 pm.  From a timeline standpoint this fits best with venue rentals and most peoples eating schedules.  Outdoor ceremonies typically last fifteen to twenty five minutes.  Having your guests back at the venue by 6:00 pm or 6:45 pm is right around dinner time for most.  These months are also beautiful and avoid the early and late dinners.

April, May, June, July, August and September are more along the lines of summer time sunsets.  With times ranging from 7:00 pm to almost 8:00 pm this leaves many doors open for creating your ideal timeline.  Though most of the weddings do not have ceremonies closer to sunset this allows guests to enjoy the day rather than being inside for most of the night.  With outdoor ceremonies and cocktail hour happening it is a great time to capture pictures before the dinner portion starts.

Overall it’s best to be open to all months for weddings in San Diego, because lets face it, the weather really is never that bad here.  We very fortunate to have such great weather year round, and the sunsets are usually always amazing.  Be sure to speak to your photographer about capturing some of these moments on your special day.

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