Delightful Appetizers

Delightful Appetizers

Appetizers are the first taste of food the guest have, so here at The Abbey we make sure they’re delicious. There are so many appetizers we have created and fine tuned, and I would like to share some of them with you.

Crab cakes are a huge hit at every party site we go to. The flavors blend together so well and once they are sautéed in a touch of butter the golden color makes them look and taste spectacular. Fresh cilantro, Dijon mustard, old bay and many other ingredients make our crab cakes a definite crowd pleaser.

Our new and improved shrimp skewers have been grabbing much attention as well.  These skewers are paired with marinaded bell peppers and onions, char-grilled and finished with a freshly made spiced apricot glaze.

Next up are our Filet Wellington bites; a puff pastry shell that is stuffed with filet, garlic, cheese and upon request, bacon. There is so much flavor packed inside these bite size appetizers, and once topped with a homemade roasted garlic red wine reduction sauce most people just can’t eat one.

The last appetizer I would like to share with you is our Ahi Poki wontons.  Minced mangoes and soy sauce, fresh herbs and much more are served on top of a flash-fried wonton round.  When you let these flavors marinate overnight it brings together a colorful, delicious and satisfying appetizer.

There are so many more to speak about, so be sure to check back on our blog to see what the kitchen is making next week!

Chef Matt and the kitchen team are always cooking up new and fascinating menus. To be part of a tasting, contact us now and have your needs catered for!

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