Nothing quite like The Darlington on a cool evening.

Nothing quite like The Darlington on a cool evening.

It was an intimate evening at the Darlington House in La Jolla, as the guests arrived for the ceremony in the courtyard above the fountain, to witness the wedding of Jillian and Kyle. The short but sweet service was amazing and led guests to the reception, and The Abbey Catering’s handcrafted appetizers.


The fresh hummus assortment seemed to be a favorite, with an array of cilantro and lime, sweet curry with cranberry, roasted garlic and sun-dried tomato hummus on top of a fresh piece of pita flat bread. The beef and vegetable skewers were delicious, made with blackened Angus Beef in a sweet sesame sauce with lightly grilled bell peppers and onions. Another famous favorite of The Abbey is the light flaky pastry-covered filet mignon with a dab of horseradish aioli, known as our filet Wellingtons. The next best thing from a trip to the east coast this time of year is The Abbey’s New England clue crab cakes, with spices and a topping of Lobster aioli sauce, a delight on the plates of the lucky guests.


All of this delicious food was accompanied by a open bar with a professional bartender for cocktail hour, to refresh and revive the guests in preparation for a celebration. Most have enjoyed the fresh appetizers that we serve but nothing tastes more crisp than The Abbey Salad, made with fresh mixed greens and dressed to perfection. If the tasty salad and appetizer weren’t enough, The Abbey served up a dual entrée, prepared to give a variation of chef Jeff’s skills on the grill. Tender slivers of grilled Angus were accompanied by Truffle and Rosemary Mashed Potatoes, with a creamy thick beef gravy drizzled over the top. Alongside that came the Salmon en Croute, a delicious piece of fresh Salmon with spinach and garlic, wrapped in a piece of delicate crust.


With bellies full of fine cuisine, guests hit the dance floor and made their moves back to the bar for the next portion of the evening – eye watering speeches, funny stories and then at last the CAKE!  The ‘new cake’ is the cupcake, and after the cute couple sliced theirs, they shared the halves with a lil’ frosting fight to start off their marriage. After much dancing and enjoyment on the dance floor, many of the guests returned to their seats, exhausted and happy.


The whole reception design was styled by the Abbey to make sure it was intimate and personal, customized to the bride’s personal liking and made specifically for our satisfied clients. Our fabulous crew was lead by Rob Battoe, and me, Warren Carlyle. Event Design was all done by our Abbey Team, who can make all your dreams come true. Big thanks to all of The Abbey team involved in this fantastic day, and congratulations to Jillian and Kyle Donovan from all of us at The Abbey Catering and Event Design.

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Photos courtesy of Deb Shields Photography

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