Outdoor Venues – Where It’s At

Outdoor Venues – Where It’s At

With the turn of the new year, many people are thinking about how the trends of 2011 will shape their wedding plans. There are already clear favorites emerging for the style of wedding ceremonies, wedding fashion and the all details held within the reception. Over the next few weeks we will be discussing the top ten trends that will take hold of the wedding industry over the next 12 months.

In this blog we’ll be discussing outdoor venues, and how the use of beaches, gardens and outdoor areas are steadily replacing many couples’ choices for a traditional indoor location. Couples are opting more and more for outdoor weddings for the flexibility this provides in personalization and customization. Linen choices can liven up an outdoor area just as they would the indoor venue, but the backdrops available from a bay view or beachfront balcony just cannot be replicated, and nature itself can provide a perfect theme for the linens, tablescapes and lighting.

Some of the most common outdoor weddings happening at the moment are those in private residences, especially for those who have a large backyard. The area can be personalized to match the intimate feeling of the home and garden, and this adds a uniqueness to the couple’s day that will be remembered forever. Other outdoor weddings happen on the beach, where the crashing waves and beautiful sunsets make the whole event picture perfect. The more adventurous of couples have been known to use woodlands, urban rooftops and even farmlands. The trick to finding the right location is to use one that echos the sentiments of the couple’s love for each other.

An outdoor reception can also change the atmosphere of a wedding, making the celebration much more relaxed, giving guests and the couple a chance to really let their hair down and enjoy the big day. One big theme running throughout most of the 2011 trends is enjoyment and fun, which is why an outdoor wedding is often the first choice for many couples planning to have a day they’ll never forget, and is also the reason that The Abbey has made outdoor weddings one of the top 10 trends to look out for in the new year.

The Abbey know how to work these wedding trends into your big day to make something truly magical. Talk to one of our advisers today.

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