Professional tips on picking a #SanDiego #Venue

Professional tips on picking a #SanDiego #Venue

When choosing a perfect venue, it is all too easy to overlook some important logistical details, turning your special day into a nightmare. Depending on your vision, needs, and catering requirements  you may find your venue not suitable for your special day. Listed below are some tips on some of the details you may have over looked:

1. Make sure that your venue can easily accommodate your guest count. Also be sure it has a good flow to it and service can be visualized through the catering and venue managers.

2. Creating a menu that works with the kitchen equipment on-site. Work with your caterer to create a menu that will work specifically well at that location given the challenges in distance, timing, etc.

3. Hiring professionals to execute your event rather than trying to do it yourself. Not having a coordinator may save money, but can compromise the integrity of your event and cause extra stress.

5. Having the correct amount of staffing based on what your expectations are for service, and if there are any venue limitations. Having too few servers will compromise the ability of the caterer to do their jobs and make the event seem poorly planned.

6. Keeping open communication between the caterers, venue, and anyone apart of the planning process. Having everyone on the same page is incredibly critical for any event; this is where an event coordinator can really help.

8. Keeping an open mind, and being flexible to anything that might pop up. Even with everything planned out to the smallest detail there will always be hick-ups in the itinerary.

9. Making sure you keep an eye on the coffers! It’s important to have a budget. The venue and caterer will be your largest expenses. Try to leave extra room for the caterer so you can get all those little upgrades you may want.

10. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions. The venue manager is there to help you, don’t feel like you are wasting their time. They want your day to go perfectly just as much as you do!



Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, with all the planning and stress involved with making your dream day come true, make sure to step back every so often and realize what you are doing. You are planning a lifelong celebration with your soul mate and all your loved ones, so don’t forget to enjoy the process!


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