#RehearsalDinner #Tips you should think about!

#RehearsalDinner #Tips you should think about!

So, your wedding and reception is all planned? But wait! What about the rehearsal dinner?!

The rehearsal dinner can be an important and useful part of the wedding journey because it’s a time for you, your wedding party, and extended family and out-of-town guests to come together prior to the wedding day to meet and mingle. So when the wedding night arrives, everyone already knows each other and there won’t be any awkward silences coming from across the table.Here are some quick steps on the final arrangement for your day before your special day:

• Choosing a venue: This time it does not need to be so strict and formal. You should try to have some fun with this choice. Restaurants are a great start, but if you have a large number of guests coming to the rehearsal dinner, you may find it difficult to find a place large and private enough to host your party without buying out the entire space. Think about using a clubhouse or chic community space. If you don’t have access to a clubhouse, there are also many city-managed parks with amazing views of the city or ocean that are permitted for large functions with a nominal fee.

• Hire, or add to, a caterer: If you’ve already hired a caterer for your wedding, ask if they would be willing to create a unique and budget-friendly menu that will give the guests a preview of what’s to come. Many caterers may offer discounts (We Do!) to prepare the cuisine for both events.

• The Right Wedding Catering San Diego: Who says the rehearsal dinner has to be an actual dinner? If your rehearsal is early enough in the day, plan for a late lunch. This will generally cost less if you approach a caterer to handle the service, and probably much easier as well in regard to availability and cost if you decide to use a restaurant.

Once this final piece of planning come together, just remember, the stress will soon be over. As the final piece falls into place, you can say to yourself: I’m Getting Married Tomorrow!!!

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